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Work and Study

Please note: The Master of Laboratory Investigation program will close following the Summer 2020 semester. We will no longer accept new students.


The MLI program is intentionally designed for individuals who are and will continue to be biomedical research staff members at VU or VUMC. Generally MLI students are full-time staff members who enroll part-time in the program, but other enrollment/work ratios may be accommodated with prior approval of the Dean. The MLI degree program requires students to complete thirty-six semester credit hours. Students who work full-time while in the program are generally allowed to take no more than twelve hours per academic year, unless approved in advance by the program director. Students who work part-time during enrollment in the program may be allowed to enroll for a heavier course load. 

Students typically communicate with their mentors to determine how best to balance coursework, laboratory, and research commitments. The program administrators encourage students and their mentors to hold frequent meetings with each other to coordinate the demands of students’ coursework and ongoing research collaborations.