Laboratory Staff

FH.jpgFiona Harrison is the director of the core. Dr. Harrison provides consulting services and plays an active role in steering the direction of the behavior studies done in the core. Her office is located in 7465 MRB IV. She can be reached by phone at 5-5547 or by email












JA.jpgThe core is managed by John Allison, PhD. John is responsible for maintaining the core facility and equipment, training new users, billing and other budget issues, data management, and other scientific and administrative tasks. His office is in MCN AA9147. He can be reached by phone at 2-0794 or by email













Krista Pfaffenroth is employed by the Conte Center to do behavior studies for Conte Center Investigators. Krista Paffenroth is an experienced technician who conducts behavioral experiments for other Investigators. She works on projects as part of the Vanderbilt Conte Center for Neuroscience Research, and for Investigators wishing to make use of the MNL "full service" testing option established in 2016.


BrooksCarlotta2012.jpgCarlotta Brooks is our Division of Animal Care facility manager.  She handles all issues related to our animal subjects.  Questions about orders, transfers, etc should be directed to her.   She can be reached by phone at 3-1035 or by email.
















Timms_Natalie.jpgNatalie Timms is our Animal Care technician.  Natalie does cage changes, food and water changes, etc.  Natalie is very experienced in how our facility runs and can help with cage needs and other care needs.