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IGP 8002-24 – Bioregulation II/Molecular Aspects of Obesity and Diabetes


IGP 8002-24. Molecular Aspects of Obesity and Diabetes. This module is designed to introduce first-year IGP students to some of the major areas of interest in the fields of obesity and diabetes research. A key player in these diseases is the hormone insulin that is secreted from the beta cells of pancreatic islets. In the first part of the course the lecturers will discuss the characteristics of diabetes and obesity in terms of whole-body metabolism. The use of mouse models, a major tool to study metabolism, will be emphasized. The second part of the course will focus on mechanisms of hormone action at the molecular level. The third part of the course will focus on the regulation of lipid metabolism and the latest theories on the molecular causes of obesity. The final part of the course will focus on the insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas: how they develop, how beta cell gene transcription is controlled and how insulin secretion is regulated. Each lecture will be presented by faculty member who is an expert in that area. The NIH- funded Molecular Endocrinology Training Program (METP) provides support for eight IGP students in the second and third years of their graduate studies. The METP strongly encourages students who wish to be considered for METP funding take this module.



Time: 9 am – 9:55 am
Credit: 1 hour
Information: Call Richard O’Brien at 936-1503/1629

Friday, Jan. 7th Richard O’Brien, Course Introduction
Monday, Jan. 10th Owen McGuinness, Regulation of Blood Sugar Levels at the Whole Animal Level
Friday, Jan. 14th Richard O’Brien, The Mechanisms of Glucocorticoid, Glucagon and Insulin Action
Monday, Jan 17th MKL Day – No Class
Friday, Jan. 21st Alyssa Hasty, Metabolic Impact of Adipose Tissue
Monday, Jan. 24th Julio Ayala, Gut-Brain Interactions in the Maintenance of Energy Balance
Friday, Jan. 28th Dave Wasserman, Hormonal Regulation of Muscle Glucose Uptake at the Whole Animal Level
Monday, Jan. 31st Rich Simerly, Neurodevelopmental Programming of Obesity
Friday, Feb. 4th Al Powers, Regulation of Insulin Secretion
Monday, Feb. 7th David Jacobson, Regulation of Insulin Secretion
Friday, Feb. 11th John Stafford, Triglycerides, an Under-Appreciated Risk Factor for Cardiovascular Disease in Obesity and Diabetes
Monday, Feb. 14th Maureen Gannon, Development of the Endocrine Pancreas
Friday, Feb. 18th Mark Magnuson, Metabolic Stress and Beta Cell Failure
Monday, Feb. 21st Ray Blind, New Drug Design Paradigms for Regulating Nuclear Receptors in the Liver
Monday, Feb. 28th Kasey Vickers, Intercellular Communication in Diabetes
Friday, March 4th End of Course Exam