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MP&B 8327: Molecular Endocrinology


MP&B 8327. Molecular Endocrinology. A survey of the molecular biology of hormone action from the target cell surface to the nucleus. Special emphasis on (i) diabetes and obesity and (ii) how receptors and intracellular messengers mediate hormone action, (iii) how hormones regulate gene expression, and (iv) signaling in adipocytes. Discussion of the use of genetic, molecular biology, and biochemical techniques to study hormone action. The faculty encourage an interactive atmosphere in the class through the discussion of seminal papers. This is an advanced course so some prior background in cell signaling is recommended.



Time: Wednesday, 3-5pm
Location: Eskind Library Room 334
Credit: 2 hours
Information: Call Richard O’Brien at 936-1503/1629

Section 1: O’Brien

Aug. 25 Diabetes
Sept. 1 Insulin action – part 1
Sept. 8 Insulin action – part 2
Sept. 15 Treatments for type 2 diabetes
Sept. 22 Paper discussion
Sept. 29 Paper discussion

Section 2: Colbran

Oct. 6 Lipolysis: HSL, ATGL, perilipin, and cAMP/PKA signaling
Oct. 13 Lipogenesis: phosphatases and insulin signaling in adipocytes
Oct. 20 AMPK signaling in adipocytes and beyond
Oct. 27 Take home exam

Section 3: Vickers/Rendina-Ruedy/Ayala

Nov. 3 Novel Endocrine-like Communication Networks (Vickers)
Nov. 10 Bone as an Endocrine Tissue (Rendina-Ruedy)
Nov. 17 Lipoprotein Metabolism and Cholesterol Homeostasis (Vickers)
Nov. 24 No lecture – Thanksgiving
Dec. 1 Central Regulation of Energy Balance (Ayala)
Dec. 8 Take home exam