MP&B 8333: Molecular Aspects of Obesity and Diabetes

Course Description:

This course (2 credit hours) is designed to introduce first-year IGP students to some of the major areas of interest in the fields of obesity and diabetes research. In the first part of the course the lecturers will discuss the characteristics of diabetes and obesity in terms of whole-body metabolism. The use of mouse models, a major tool to study metabolism, will be emphasized. The second part of the course will focus on the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas: how they develop, how insulin secretion is regulated, and how insulin gene transcription is controlled. The third part of the course will focus on the mechanism of insulin action at the molecular level. The final part of the course will focus on the regulation of lipid metabolism and the latest theories on the molecular causes of insulin resistance and obesity. The NIH-funded Molecular Endocrinology Training Program (METP) provides support for eight IGP students in the second and third years of their graduate studies. The METP strongly encourages students who wish to be considered for METP funding take this Spring Elective.



Time: MWF, 1-3pm

Location: 736 RRB

Credit: 2 hours


Jan. 4th

Richard O'Brien

Course Introduction


Jan. 6th

Owen McGuinness; Flextime: Thomas Beck

Regulation of Blood Sugar Levels at the Whole Animal Level


Jan. 9th

Dave Wasserman; Flextime: Elijah Trefts

Hormonal Regulation of Muscle Glucose Uptake at the Whole Animal Level


Jan. 11th

Dale Edgerton; Flextime: Guillaume Kraft

Hormonal Regulation of Liver Glucose Production at the Whole Animal Level


Jan. 13th

Richard O'Brien; Flextime: Karin Bosma

The Mechanisms of Glucocorticoid, Glucagon and Insulin Action

Monday, Jan. 16th

Martin Luther King Day. No Class.


Jan. 18th

Ray Blind; Flextime: Corey Seacrist

New Drug Design Paradigms for Regulating Nuclear Receptors in the Liver


Jan. 20th

David Jacobson; Flextime: Nick Vierra

Regulation of Insulin Secretion


Jan. 23rd

Danielle Dean; Flextime: Rachana Haliyur

Regulation of Glucagon Secretion


Jan. 25th

Maureen Gannon; Flextime: Peter Kropp

Development of the Endocrine Pancreas


Jan. 27th

Al Powers; Flextime: Neil Phillips

Regulation of Insulin Secretion

Monday, Jan. 30

John Stafford; Flextime: Josh Neuman

Triglycerides, an Under-Appreciated Risk Factor for Cardiovascular Disease in Obesity and Diabetes.


Feb. 1st

Alyssa Hasty; Flextime: Arion Kennedy

Metabolic Impact of Adipose Tissue


Feb. 3rd

Kasey Vickers; Flextime: Leslie Roteta

Intercellular Communication in Diabetes


Feb. 6th

Mark Magnuson; Flextime: Karrie Dudek

Making New Beta Cells: Strategies and Challenges


Feb. 8th

Kevin Niswender; Flextime: Kevin Niswender

Introduction to Energy Homeostasis; Endocrine Feedback Loops


Feb. 10th

Danny Winder; Flextime: Nick Harris

Introduction to CNS Control of Feeding Behavior and Metabolism


Feb. 13th

End of course exam