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Haswitha Sabbineni

Graduate Student, Carrasco Lab, Molecular Physiology and Biophysicis

I am originally from Hyderabad in the south of India. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry (B.V.Sc &A.H.) at Nanaji Deshmukh Veterinary Science University in India. I obtained my Master’s in Veterinary, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Biotechnologies at the University of Eastern Piedmont in Italy. My master’s thesis project was “In vivo imaging of long noncoding RNA SINEUP using fluorescent aptamers.”

I am an innovative and highly motivated researcher aiming to develop better treatments for cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. My interest in the protein NIS and using it to treat cancer inspired me to join Dr. Carrasco’s lab, as she and her colleagues pioneered, and remain at the forefront of, NIS research. I will be investigating the specificity with which NIS transports substrates that can be used to treat cancer without harming the thyroid. We hope to devise an innovative NIS-based therapy that can be used to treat a variety of cancers, regardless of whether they express NIS endogenously (those that do not will have to be treated using gene transfer).

Outside of the lab, I like to explore, seek out adventures, travel, and ride horses.