• Li H, Jiang X, Wang F, Xu J, Gore JC. Structural information revealed by the dispersion of ADC with frequency. Magnetic resonance imaging. 2015 Nov;33(9). 1083-90. PMID: 26117695 [PubMed]. PMCID: PMC4593726. NIHMSID: NIHMS705405.


Diffusion MRI provides a non-invasive means to characterize tissue microstructure at varying length scales. Temporal diffusion spectra reveal how the apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) varies with frequency. When measured using oscillating gradient spin echo sequences, the manner in which ADC disperses with gradient frequency (which is related to the reciprocal of diffusion time) provides information on the characteristic dimensions of restricting structures within the medium. For example, the dispersion of ADC with oscillating gradient frequency (ΔfADC) has been shown to correlate with axon sizes in white matter and provide novel tissue contrast in images of mouse hippocampus and cerebellum. However, despite increasing interest in applying frequency-dependent ADC to derive novel information on tissue, the interpretations of ADC spectra are not always clear. In this study, the relation between ADC spectra and restricting dimensions are further elucidated and used to derive novel image contrast related to the sizes of intrinsic microstructures.