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Software Purchasing

Process for Purchasing Software in MPB:
1.      Verify if the software needed is available through the Software Store (note: software needed to conduct university’s business and/or research can and should be paid against cost center whenever possible. Software Store will give the Depts./users that option through their website if applicable)
2.      If the software or type of license needed is not available through the Software Store and can only be paid via credit card, the Dept. and/or user should send an email to Marta Ferreira requesting to buy the software using their One Card or credit card. The email should indicate as a minimum the following: the software needed, type of license, number of licenses, if applicable, and purchase total amount (note: a link to the vendor’s website for the product/software needed would be helpful but not required). Once she receives this information, she will review and either approve or recommend another route depending on her findings. If the request is approved, the email authorization should be uploaded and included in Concur along with the receipt for complete documentation.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Bess Paine Cahill, CPA
Administrative Officer – Molecular Physiology & Biophysics (MPB)
School of Medicine Basic Sciences – Pod 3
(615) 343-2165
702 Light Hall