Student Papers

Nicholas Vierra publishes in Diabetes

Nicholas Vierra published a first-author paper in Diabetes: "The type-2 diabetes-associated K+ channel TALK-1 modulates beta-cell electrical excitability, 2nd-phase insulin secretion, and glucose homeostasis"

Peter Kropp is an author on a Laboratory Investigation paper

Pekala, K.R., X. Ma, P.A. Kropp, C.P. Petersen, C.W. Hudgens, C.H. Chung, C. Shi, N. Merchant, A. Maitra, A.L. Means and M. Gannon. (2014). Loss of HNF6 expression correlates with human pancreatic cancer progression. Laboratory Investigation. 94(5), 517-527. PMID: 24638272

Ashley Williams publishes in JBC

Ashley Williams, a student in David Wasserman's laboratory, published a study in the Journal of Biological Chemistry showing that integrin signaling facilitates insulin action in the liver.