• O'Neil B, Koyama T, Alvarez J, Conwill RM, Albertsen PC, Cooperberg MR, Goodman M, Greenfield S, Hamilton AS, Hoffman KE, Hoffman RM, Kaplan SH, Stanford JL, Stroup AM, Paddock LE, Wu XC, Stephenson RA, Resnick MJ, Barocas DA, Penson DF. The Comparative Harms of Open and Robotic Prostatectomy in Population-Based Samples. The Journal of urology. 2015 Sep 3. PMID: 26343985 [PubMed].


Robotic assisted radical prostatectomy (RALP) has largely replaced open radical prostatectomy (RRP) for the surgical management of prostate cancer despite conflicting evidence of superiority with respect to either disease control or functional sequelae. This study, using population cohort data, examined sexual and urinary function between men undergoing RRP versus those undergoing RALP.