• Kripalani S, Jacobson KL, Brown S, Manning K, Rask KJ, Jacobson TA. Development and Implementation of a Health Literacy Training Program for Medical Residents. Medical education online. 2006 Dec;11(1). 4612 p. PMID: 28253790 [PubMed].


Nearly 50 percent of Americans lack the literacy skills needed to function effectively in today's health care environment. Experts recommend that health professionals be trained to better communicate with low-literacy patients, but few educational programs have been described. We developed a training program for medical residents that includes a videotaped standardized patient encounter, interactive small-group workshop, one-on-one feedback with a faculty member, and an individual behavioral prescription for improved communication. The program employs key principles of adult learning theory and evidence-based teaching approaches. Residents felt that the topic was relevant and that their communication skills benefited from the intervention. They enjoyed the teaching methods, particularly the individual feedback on their videotaped encounter. A qualitative process evaluation is provided to facilitate the teaching of similar programs elsewhere. Response to this curriculum indicates that residency appears to be a suitable time to raise awareness of health literacy and build appropriate communication skills.