• Poulose BK, Griffin MR, Zhu Y, Smalley W, Richards WO, Wright JK, Melvin W, Holzman MD. National analysis of adverse patient safety for events in bariatric surgery. The American surgeon. 2005 May;71(5). 406-13. PMID: 15986971 [PubMed].


Identifying risk factors for adverse events after bariatric surgery (BaS) can help define high-risk groups to improve patient safety. We calculated cumulative incidence of adverse events and identified risk factors for these events using validated surgical patient safety indicators (PSIs) developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. BaS patients > or =18 years old were identified using the 2002 Nationwide Inpatient Sample. Cumulative incidence at discharge was calculated for accidental puncture or laceration (APL), pulmonary embolus or deep venous thrombosis (PE/DVT), and postoperative respiratory failure (RF). Factors predictive of these PSIs were identified. From 7,853,982 discharges, a national cohort of 69,490 BaS patients was identified. During BaS hospitalization, the cumulative incidences per 1000 discharges of APL, PE/DVT, and RF were 12.6, 3.4, and 7.3, respectively. Risk factors for APL included male gender (odds ratio [OR] 1.6, 95% confidence interval 1.1-2.3, P