• Zhong X, Yang H, Zhao S, Shyr Y, Li B. Network-based stratification analysis of 13 major cancer types using mutations in panels of cancer genes. BMC genomics. 2015 Jun 11;16 Suppl 7. S7. PMID: 26099277 [PubMed]. PMCID: PMC4474538.


Cancers are complex diseases with heterogeneous genetic causes and clinical outcomes. It is critical to classify patients into subtypes and associate the subtypes with clinical outcomes for better prognosis and treatment. Large-scale studies have comprehensively identified somatic mutations across multiple tumor types, providing rich datasets for classifying patients based on genomic mutations. One challenge associated with this task is that mutations are rarely shared across patients. Network-based stratification (NBS) approaches have been proposed to overcome this challenge and used to classify tumors based on exome-level mutations. In routine research and clinical applications, however, usually only a small panel of pre-selected genes is screened for mutations. It is unknown whether such small panels are effective in classifying patients into clinically meaningful subtypes.