SOPHAS Application Tips

  1. To be considered for admission, applications must be submitted and verified in SOPHAS by the application deadline. To allow time for the verification process, plan to submit all required materials 2-4 weeks before the deadline.
  2. Don't wait for your standardized test scores, recommendations or other documents to be received by SOPHAS before submitting your application. Submit your application as soon as you have entered all required information. Documents, recommendations and test scores will be added to your application after they are received.
  3. Don't expect your application to be complete as soon as it is submitted. An application is considered complete when it is submitted, paid, and SOPHAS has received all U.S./Canadian transcripts and at least TWO letters of recommendation.
  4. Remember to check your status. Once you submit, you should monitor your status in the “my status” section often to ensure all required documents are received and your application is being processed. SOPHAS will e-mail you if there is an issue with documents or coursework verification but about missing documents. Check your status often until you application is complete and verified.
  5. Click here to view an application timeline and checklist.