Stata Boot Camp - October 2017

for VU and VUMC graduate and professional students, faculty, and staff members

This three-day short course is intended for those who who need a refresher in the very basics of Stata. The interactive sessions provide students with exposure to the statistical software package, with plenty of time for hands-on practice.



Monday, October 9 from 3 to 5pm
After a review of basic Stata features, students will learn to:

  • Import data
  • Perform simple data checks
  • Tabulate and summarize variables and perform simple analyses
  • Save and export data
  • Use Stata Help and other resources

Tuesday, October 10 from 3 to 5pm
Students will learn how to describe, manipulate, and analyze variables in a dataset:

  • Explore individual variables using the browse function
  • Recognize different types of variables
  • Generate measures of central tendency (means, medians) and dispersion
  • Generate a new variable from existing variables (e.g., BMI from height/weight)
  • Graphically display data using box plots, histograms, and tables
  • Introduce do-files

Thursday, October 12 from 3 to 5pm
Students will learn about several more advanced Stata commands to: 

  • Generate variables using logical expressions
  • Merging of simple datasets
  • Create more complex data summaries and tables
  • Produce more complex graphs

At the conclusion of each day's session, the instructors will also be available to discuss additional Stata commands not explicitly listed, including project specific (but Stata-related) questions.


  • Free - current students in the Vanderbilt MPH Program
  • $150 - graduates of the Vanderbilt MPH Program
  • $300 - all others