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Class of 2017-2019

Wendy Bottinor, MD

Instructor, Cardio-Oncology

Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Inhibitor Induced Hypertension

Mentor: Dr. Javid Moslehi

Jonathan D. Casey, MD

Clinical Fellow, Allergy, Pulmonary, and Critical Care Medicine

Protocolized Post-Extubation Respiratory Support (PROPER) Study

Mentor: Dr. Todd Rice

Co-Mentor: Dr. Matthew Semler

Saniya S. Godil, MBBS

Resident, Neurological Surgery

Accurately Measuring the Health Related Quality of Life and Effectiveness of Surgery in Patients with Acoustic Neuroma: Use of Validated Patient Reported Outcomes in Prospective Brain Tumor Registry Efforts

Mentor: Dr. Lola Chambless

Co-Mentor: Dr. Jay Wellons

Stephen J. Halliday, MD

Clinical Fellow, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Genetic Predictors of Prostacyclin Response in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Mentor: Dr. Anna Hemnes

Co-Mentor: Dr. Evan Brittain

Steve J. Healan, MD

Clinical Fellow, Pediatric Cardiology

The effect of general anesthesia on endothelial-dependent vasomotor function and hemodynamic assessment in the pediatric catheterization lab

Mentor: Dr. Fred Lamb

Rishi Naik, MD

Clinical Fellow, Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition

Proteomic Identification of Protein in Ex-vivo Achalasia esophageal samples: a search for a better understanding of the immune-mediated response and neuronal degeneration process

Mentor: Dr. Michael Vaezi

Co-Mentor: Dr. Kevin Schey

Devika Nair, MD

Clinical Fellow, Nephrology

The Role of Coping in Self-Management, Depressive Symptoms, and Quality of Life in Kidney Disease

Mentors: Dr. Kerri Cavanaugh and Dr. T. Alp Ikizler

Co-Mentor: Dr. Loren Lipworth

Baldeep Pabla, MD

Clinical Fellow, Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition

Genetic Variation in Gastric Cancer

Mentor: Dr. Douglas Morgan

Co-Mentor: Dr. Digna Velez Edwards

Jeffrey G. Weiner, MD

Clinical Fellow, Pediatric Cardiology

Evaluation of biomarkers as a risk stratification agent for post-operative arrhythmia in congenital heart surgery patients

Mentor: Dr. Prince Kannankeril

Courtney E. Zola, MD

Clinical Fellow, Infectious Diseases

Prevalence and Prognostic Impact of Pulmonary Hypertension in HIV-Infected Individuals

Mentor: Dr. Evan Brittain

Co-Mentor: Dr. Matt Freiberg