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Daniel W. Byrne, MS

Director, Artificial Intelligence Research, AVAIL
Senior Associate, Biostatistics
Senior Associate, Biomedical Informatics
Senior Associate, Medicine

This course is designed to teach clinical investigators medical and grant writing skills required to publish scientific articles in a peer-reviewed medical journal or to submit a major grant application. Since trainees in the MSCI program are expected to complete their Master’s thesis based on their research project in Year 2, this course is scheduled prior to the deadline to assist students in writing their manuscript or grant application. Teaching will consist of demonstrations and discussions of how to improve the writing quality using each student’s project-in-progress as an example. Students will be expected to write and revise their manuscript or major grant application as coursework, no additional written assignments will be required.

Summer [2]

This course will teach practical, modern biostatistical skills and help the student to become multilingual regarding statistical software. Students will use several statistical software packages to learn data analysis methods for reproducible research using actual clinical research data sets. Students will also learn about statistical power and sample size calculations using the software PS and nQuery Advisor. An emphasis will be placed on performing statistical analyses and interpreting output. Commonly used statistical methods will be explained as well as the techniques that experienced biostatisticians use to analyze data.

Fall [4]