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MSTPets: Part 7

Posted by on Monday, October 30, 2017 in Life in the MSTP .

by Rachel Brown (G1)

An ode to our furry friends who have helped us study for anatomy practicals, kept us company while we wrote our papers and thesis dissertations, and welcomed us home after a long shift on surgery.



MSTPet: Luna
Age: 2 years old
​MSTParents: Nick Petersen (M1) and Josh (honorary first year MSTP, but actually an architect working here in Nashville)
Field of Study: Luna is keeping an open mind about her field of study as of right now – she’s interested in small mammals (squirrels and bunnies) as well as the effect of treats on the microbiome, but recently has taken an interest in immunology and vaccine development after her recent trips to the vet.
Fun Fact: The shelter deemed Luna to be a “German shepherd mix”, although after lots of Googling and consulting with other dog parents at the park, it seems much more likely that she is actually a Carolina Dog, also known as an American Dingo!


Graham Johnson_North.jpg

MSTPet: North (Maine Coon mix)
Age: 5 years old
​MSTParents: Graham Johnson (M1) and Leah Johnson
Field of Study: Effects of Nepeta cataria legalization
Fun Fact 1: We lived on a street called North Franklin in Madison, WI. In honor of this, our cats are named North and Franklin. Don’t ask me about Kanye.
Fun Fact 2: North loves bathrooms. Seriously, if you come to our house you will see what I mean.


Graham Johnson_Frank and Leah.jpg Graham Johnson_Shaved Frank.jpg

MSTPet: Franklin (aka Frank Daddy Bad Cat, Maine Coon mix, pictured with professional cat handler, Leah Johnson)
Age: 5 years old
MSTParents: Graham Johnson (M1) and Leah Johnson
Field of Study: Effects of Nepeta cataria on feline laser pointer response time
Fun Fact: One time we had to shave Frank because his fur was so matted.  It took us three hours.


Ben Fen_Miles.jpg Ben Fen and Miles.jpg

MSTPet: Miles
Age: 9 weeks old
MSTParent: Ben Fensterheim (M3)
Field of Study: Majoring in Potty Training with a Minor in Exploring
Fun Fact: Miles is one of 9 brothers!


​ Willow.jpg Buffy and Willow cropped_2_0.jpg

MSTPet: Willow
Age: 4 months old
MSTParents: Rachel Brown (G1) and Matt Stier (M3)
Research Interest: Maximizing noise while drinking out of her water bottle
Fun Fact 1: We drove to Knoxville over Labor Day weekend to adopt Willow from Knoxville Guinea Pig Rescue as a friend for Buffy.
Fun Fact 2: Willow has one white foot.
Fun Fact 3: Willow is our third pet named after characters in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”


Matt De Niear 2.jpeg Matt De Niear 1.jpeg

MSTPet: Addy
MSTParents: Matt De Niear (M4) and Grace Fletcher (public health consultant)
Age: 5 years old
Research Interests: (i) Effects of sustained barking on mailman ambulatory speed (ii) Determining the limit of how close affectionate canines can sit to a human loved one before they are actually inside a human loved one
Hobbies: Butt-licking, homeland security, casual humping, couch conquest
Fun Fact: Addy had her DNA tested (you know, for science) and discovered that her illustrious heritage includes Australian cattle dog, dalmatian, whippet, and terrier.