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Meet Julie Gannon, MSTP Financial Unit and Grants Manager

Posted by on Thursday, December 19, 2019 in Uncategorized.

by Julie Gannon (MSTP LT)

Back to the beginning: I grew up in Lewisburg, a small town in middle Tennessee and always believed that I was destined for city life after college. Instead, I married and moved to my husband’s hometown, Woodbury, a town even smaller than Lewisburg. While we don’t have the many conveniences of a big city, we do have almost 20 acres of land with horse pastures, rolling hills, a natural spring, and lots of trees. We have horses, dogs, cats, a fox family, deer, the occasional skunk, hawks, owls, and various other wildlife. It was a great place to raise our three children, and it will be the perfect place to spoil our future grandchildren.

In my free time: I’m an avid reader, a football fanatic, a travel junkie, and a music lover (all genres). I play piano (only because my mother forced me to practice as a child), and I love to sing (when no one can hear me). I treasure time spent with my parents, particularly time spent listening to them reminisce about the “old days”. I’m crazy about my pets, my children, and my husband (not necessarily listed in order of importance).

Background in financial management and grants: I came to Vanderbilt from Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) where I worked in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs as the senior awards manager. I assisted faculty with the management of awards from a wide variety of federal, state, local, international, and private sponsors. I also trained other research administrators, and I coordinated the undergraduate research program for a few years. I’ve managed budgets of various sizes for most of my career, and I’m accustomed to managing multiple budgets at once. I received both a BS and an MBA from MTSU.

I consider it a privilege to now have the opportunity to work at Vanderbilt University and am excited to be a part of the MSTP!