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End of the Decade

Posted by on Friday, January 31, 2020 in Life in the MSTP.

Vanderbilt MSTP students and leadership share what they’ve accomplished in the last decade!

Ayaka Sugiura (G4): “10 years ago, I had my first lab internship and graduated high school. Now, I’m a 6th year MD-PhD student and just welcomed my baby boy into this world with my wonderful partner.”

Ambra Pozzi, PhD (MSTP Associate Director): “In the past ten years I have been promoted to full professor and I have had the honor to be the Associate Director of our favorite MSTP for the past 4 years. In 2013 I started running as an anti-stress antidote and since then I have run 4 marathons (2 of them under 4 hours) and 10 half marathons (all of them under 2 hours) and I want to keep the ‘under 2 hours’ tradition going for the next decade.”

Ravi Atreya, PhD (M3): “I was a part of the M2 class in 2010, and I am a part of the M2 class in 2020 (a curriculum change, PhD, and startup later)”

Chris Williams, MD, PhD (MSTP Director): “1) Director of Harrison Society to Director of MSTP (learned a ton… and still learning more!) 2) Assistant to Associate to full Professor and Associate Dean, 3) Trained or training 7 graduate students, 4) Probably performed several thousand colonoscopies, 5) 2 kids in college (sort of) and 1 done with 2 more to go!”

Abin Abraham (G3): “The end of a decade marks one of my most fulfilling one so far. Notably, I moved across four cities (Chicago, Ann Arbor, Atlanta, and Nashville), finished a research fellowship, and started my training as a physician-scientist. The biggest and best surprise of this decade was the camaraderie of my colleagues and the friendships I have made from my those in my MSTP class. They are all truly inspiring individuals and spectacular future physician-scientists.”

Rachel Brown (G3):“Graduated high school; went to the University of Maryland, College Park; spent a lot of nights monitoring bacterial cultures in lab; graduated college, moved to Nashville and matriculated into the Vanderbilt MSTP over the course of 2 weeks; met the love of my life; adopted 2 guinea pigs and 2 cats; got my first NIH grant; celebrated when my experiments worked; cried when my experiments failed; met a bunch of brilliant, talented people; wrote 4,500 postcards to voters; lived with my sister and fiance and our total 6 pets in one house for a year; rescued 12 feral cats; lost a cat in the HVAC system; got a cat out of the HVAC system; got engaged and started wedding planning!”