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Dr. Mark Denison offers words of wisdom to physician-scientists during the pandemic

Posted by on Wednesday, April 29, 2020 in MSTP Workshop News .

Dr. Mark Denison joined our weekly MSTP seminar April 8th to share his expertise on coronaviruses and left everyone with some sage advice: “This is really about the prepared mind, it’s about caring about what you love and do. Don’t let this change, don’t let this pandemic, don’t let any of this stuff change your perception of what you think is important and that you can have an impact. Because the world may come to your door, it may not, it may never, but that is not why you are doing this, and that is not what matters. Because you are committed to understanding something about biology: mouse biology, human biology, insect biology, C. elegans biology, I don’t care. Don’t give up on it and don’t let people tell you that it doesn’t matter, stick with it and you don’t know what impact potentially you can have around the world”. Big thank you to Kevin Graepel (M4) for moderating the discussion. Read about this seminar and other ways the MSTP is adapting to COVID-19 challenges in the VUMC Reporter.