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MSTPastries: Holiday Edition

Posted by on Thursday, January 28, 2021 in Life in the MSTP .

A visual representation of MSTP students’ creativity extending beyond the lab and into the kitchen. Riley Bergman (G1) crafted some gingerbread truffles amid festive decor (A) and a picturesque crème brûlée (C). Emily Chu (G1) created snowflake embossed gingerbread cookies (B), upon close inspection, not all are identical! John Shelley (G1) + nephews demonstrated true holiday spirit with their cookie decorating skills (E). Stephanie Cajigas (G1) made some cranberry white chocolate oatmeal cookies (D), and if the name was not enough, she packaged them up for dramatic effect. Allie Lake (M2) showed culinary range with her Israeli meat pie (F before & G after).