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Life in the MSTP – August 2021

Posted by on Tuesday, August 31, 2021 in Life in the MSTP .

Another successful MSTP day at Shade Tree was organized by Ayesha Muhammad (G4), Drew Kittleson (M2), and Kyle Enriquez (M2).

MSTP students joined forces with summer students to try their hands at the Escape game which didn’t stand a chance against our brilliant minds!

Our beloved Assistant Director Dr. Megan Williams gave birth to an absolutely adorable baby boy, Theo Murphy Williams. Congratulations to her and her husband, we can’t wait to meet the little bundle of joy!


Congratulations to Allie Lake (G1) on her engagement to Bernie Mulvs and Matt O’Neill (G2) and Missy Kimlinger (VUSM M4) who also got engaged this month!

Congratulations to Xavier Bledsoe (G2) and Joy Elfriede on tieing the knot!