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MSTPublications: December 2022

Posted by on Tuesday, December 27, 2022 in New Publications .

Correlated depressive symptoms within seroconcordant, expectant partners living with HIV in Zambézia Province, Mozambique: a cross-sectional study.
Sack DE, Matino A, Graves E, Emilio A, Shepherd BE, De Schacht C, Audet CM.
AIDS Care. 2022 Dec 6:1-9. doi: 10.1080/09540121.2022.2151558. Online ahead of print.

Approximately 15% of people with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa have comorbid depression, which impacts treatment outcomes. We describe predictors of baseline depressive symptoms in 1079 female and 1079 male participants in a cluster-randomized trial in Zambézia Province, Mozambique from November 2017 to December 2020. We modeled each partners’ depressive symptoms (Patient Health Questionnaire-9 [PHQ-9]) using proportional odds models adjusted for enrollment date, age, body mass index [BMI], partner’s PHQ-9 score, district, relationship status, education, occupation, WHO HIV clinical stage, and antiretroviral therapy use history. A post hoc analysis assessed covariate-adjusted rank correlation between partner depressive symptoms. Females were younger than males (median 23 vs. 28 years) and more likely to report no education (20.7% vs. 7.9%). Approximately 10% screened positive for depression (PHQ-9 score ≥ 10). Partner depressive symptoms were predictive of higher participant PHQ-9 scores. A male partner PHQ-9 score of 10 (versus 5) increased the odds that the female partner would have a higher PHQ-9 score (adjusted odds ratio: 7.25, 95% Confidence Interval [CI]: 5.43-9.67). Partner PHQ-9 scores were highly correlated after covariate adjustment (Spearman’s rho 0.65, 95% CI 0.57-0.72). Interventions aimed to reduce depressive symptoms and improve HIV-related outcomes during pregnancy should address both partners’ depressive symptoms.


Functional connectivity between mesial temporal and default mode structures may help lateralize surgical temporal lobe epilepsy.
Narasimhan S, González HFJ, Johnson GW, Wills KE, Paulo DL, Morgan VL, Englot DJ.
J Neurosurg. 2022 Apr 1;137(6):1571-1581. doi: 10.3171/2022.1.JNS212031. Print 2022 Dec 1.

Neutrophil trafficking to the site of infection requires Cpt1a-dependent fatty acid β-oxidation.
Pham L, Komalavilas P, Eddie AM, Thayer TE, Greenwood DL, Liu KH, Weinberg J, Patterson A, Fessel JP, Boyd KL, Schafer JC, Kuck JL, Shaver AC, Flaherty DK, Matlock BK, Wijers CDM, Serezani CH, Jones DP, Brittain EL, Rathmell JC, Noto MJ.
Commun Biol. 2022 Dec 13;5(1):1366. doi: 10.1038/s42003-022-04339-z.

“Neural Noise” in Auditory Responses in Young Autistic and Neurotypical Children.
Dwyer P, Vukusic S, Williams ZJ, Saron CD, Rivera SM.
J Autism Dev Disord. 2022 Nov 25. doi: 10.1007/s10803-022-05797-4. Online ahead of print.

Rett Syndrome and MECP2 Duplication Syndrome: Disorders of MeCP2 Dosage.
Collins BE, Neul JL.
Neuropsychiatr Dis Treat. 2022 Nov 29;18:2813-2835. doi: 10.2147/NDT.S371483. eCollection 2022.

CHIP Happens: Clonal hematopoiesis of indeterminate potential and its relationship to solid tumors.
Reed SC, Croessmann S, Park BH.
Clin Cancer Res. 2022 Dec 1:CCR-22-2598. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-22-2598. Online ahead of print.