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MSTP Fact Sheet

1. Stipend Awards. Stipend checks are available monthly on the last day business day of each month. Students may set up direct deposit after the first pay cycle. The stipend for 2018/2019 is $30,500.

2. Student Accounts. Students may access their online invoices, or e-bills, monthly through Enrollment Service’s portal called Your Enrollment Services (YES). It is important that students view their accounts to see a record of charges and payments made by them as well as tuition and fees paid by the MSTP or graduate department.  Once students have signed in to YES, they may view invoices under the SM billing Portal link.  All students should complete a Student Account Agreement also found on within YES.

3. Pre-Billing. Tuition and fees for each semester will be pre-billed to the student’s account (with a due date) before registration and before the paperwork clears the accounting office showing these items have been paid by the University. All students have a funded position in the MSTP and do not need to pay the tuition nor the insurance & fee items. However, please note that if you are paid via payroll during graduate school (i.e. taxes taken out of your check), you are responsible for paying the Student Activities & Rec fee. Your pay has been adjusted to cover this cost. For further clarification of Vanderbilt billing procedures, please call Student Accounts (615.322.6693).

4. Tax Liabililty. As of August 1986, stipends were made taxable, and students are required to report and file taxes. Publication 970, issued by the IRS, will explain your tax liability. Go to the IRS Website, then click on individuals and students.

5. Orientation. MSTP orientation is held in June and includes introductions to key personnel, and a multitude of housekeeping items. University ID cards, parking, and library access are set up at that time. Students are also required to complete training in biosafety and responsible conduct of research.

6. Student Health Insurance. The University requires that all students in degree programs of four or more credits have adequate health insurance. For this reason the University will include the student insurance charge on the tuition invoice. The MSTP covers health insurance through the student account. Insurance coverage is provided as part of a student’s service-free award which also covers tuition and fees.

Students who have insurance coverage from another source and do not wish to participate in the Gallagher-Koster Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan offered through the University, must complete an Online Waiver Form by providing verification of alternative coverage. The Online Waiver Form will be available June 1 and must be submitted no later that August 1 or the student will automatically be enrolled in the Vanderbilt program. Insurance information will e-mailed in mid-June. Please contact the Office of Student Accounts at 615-322-6693 or 1-800-288-1144 or visit with questions.

7. Message Box. Students in the medical phase of the program will be assigned a message box on the first floor of Light Hall to receive class-related assignments and other school communications. Personal mail should be sent to the home address in Nashville.