Shawn Barton (G2)
September 28, 2016
Posted in Workshop News

The MSTP Leadership Workshop, held on Friday, September 23rd, was attended by over 30 current G1 and G2 students. This workshop is designed to provide formal training in leadership competencies that can be utilized during the graduate phase of MD/PhD training and beyond. Discussion was led by Dr. Mark Cannon, an Associate Professor in the Department of Human & Organizational Development at Vanderbilt. Dr. Cannon regularly teaches at the Owen Graduate School and has previous experience in executive coaching.  He led group discussions in various topics including expectations and feedback, coaching, motivations, group dynamics, and conflict resolution.

The day concluded with a keynote address by Mr. Dave Brandon, the current CEO of Toys “R” Us and previous CEO of Domino’s Pizza for over a decade. He discussed his own principles that have made him so successful in the business world including benchmarking your own performance against the best but most importantly that we should never forget where we came from as we continue in our own careers. We’d like to thank Lillian Juttukonda (G4), MariaSanta Mangione (G3), Alex Sundermann (G2), Shawn Barton (G2), Petria Thompson (G1), and Caleb Ford (G1) who served on the Leadership Workshop Planning Committee as well as both Dr. Mark Cannon and Mr. Dave Brandon!