Margaret Axelrod
July 21, 2016



The Vanderbilt MSTP is pleased to announce the incoming class of 2016. This year's class was welcomed to Vanderbilt on June 15, and just last week began orientation for their first year of medical school. We are thrilled to have such a smart, fun, and diverse group of individuals join us!

(Pictured in photo - Top row, left to right: Danny Sack, Ben Fowler, Eric Donahue, Duncan Smart, Maxwell Roeske, Chris Wijers. Bottom row, left to right: Thao Le, Evonne McArthur, Courtney Edwards, Jay Kang, Elizabeth Moore, Ayesha Muhummad, Sam Beik)


Batson / Sutherland

Name: Chris Wijers

Hometown: The Netherlands (originally), Ohio (recently)

College/Major: Denison University/Biology

Fun fact: I just got my first dog! He's a chiweenie named Elvis.


Name: Elizabeth Moore

Hometown: Greenville, South Carolina

College/Major: University of South Carolina/Biomedical Engineering

Fun fact: For my senior thesis, I wrote Yoda's autobiography


Name: Sam Beik

Hometown: Philadelphia

College/Major: Brown University/Computational Biology

Fun fact: I just went on a 3-week road trip, driving from Boston to the Grand Canyon and back, and I saw so much more of America than I've ever seen before. It was a great experience and I have not stopped talking about it since I got back.


Chapman/ Avery-Cohen

Name: Jay Kang

Hometown: France by birth, Korea by nationality, African/European by residence (dad was a diplomat so moved every 2-3 yrs)

College/Major: Princeton University/Molecular Biology

Fun fact: Graduated HS in front of the Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx


Name: Danny Sack

Hometown: Originally South Africa, but I went on to live outside D.C. (in Bethesda, MD)

College/Major:University of Michigan/International Studies with a focus on Global Health

Fun Fact: I lived in South Africa for about 5 years


Name: Duncan Smart

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

College/Major: University of Texas/Biochemistry

Fun fact: I once played onstage with Steve Miller


Gabbe/ Goodpasture

Name: Ayesha Muhammad

Hometown: Karachi, Pakistan

College/Major: Yale University/Chemistry

Fun fact: I have never been to a Costco or BJs or Sam's Club (yup, missing out on that major American experience I hear)


Name: Evonne McArthur

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

College/Major: University of North Carolina/Quantitative Biology

Fun fact: I was once on a train for 34 hours.


Name: Maxwell Roeske

Hometown: Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

College/Major: University of Dayton/Biology and Psychology

Fun fact: I'm from Wisconsin, but can't stand cheese


Name: Ben Fowler

Hometown: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

College/Major: Penn State University/Immunology and Infectious Disease & Toxicology with Global Health minor

Fun fact: I studied "zombie ants" for two years and helped collect 8 new species of fungus in Brazil


Robinson/ Stahlman-Thomas

Name: Eric Donahue

Hometown: Brentwood, TN

College/Major: University of Notre Dame/Biology and German

Fun fact: I can waterski without using my hands


Name: Courtney Edwards

Hometown: Greensboro, NC

College/Major: Hampton University/Biochemistry

Fun fact: I have a twin sister who is actually 10 years older than me. Or at least that's what everyone thinks since we look so similar.


Name: Thao Do Vy Le

Hometown: Vietnam

College/Major: Hampshire College/science and anthropology

Fun fact: I can't float and still can't swim