Jennifer Watchmaker (G3)
February 27, 2017

The Academic #twitter

Jennifer Watchmaker (@jennwatch) is a third year graduate student interested in pursuing a career in radiology. She began her academic twitter account in 2014 and now has over 350 followers and growing.  Her social media presence on twitter has helped her connect with other investigators and clinicians, find out about the most recent research, and also has been a means by which to win neat things at conferences (most notably a Fitbit as Society of Interventional Radiology Annual Meeting in 2015). Instead of wasting away scrolling through the bowels of Instagram and Facebook, Jennifer instead spends her time keeping up with accounts such as NEJM Journal Watch (@JWatch),  Radiological Society of North American (@RSNA), and Vanderbilt (@VUMChealth). In this infographic, Jennifer explains some Do's and Don'ts of an academic twitter account.

Untitled 3.png