Ben Fensterheim (G3) and Alex Sundermann (G2)
April 27, 2017

Call for Applications for SAC Chair-Elect 

Over the past year, the MSTP SAC underwent several changes for it to better provide a platform for discussing student-generated initiatives, addressing student questions and concerns, and facilitating excellent programming. This reorganization included the creation of two new positions: the SAC Chair and Chair-Elect. These students create agenda items for the SAC meetings, facilitate SAC discussions, and bring student questions that arise to MSTP leadership.  

We are currently seeking applicants to serve as the SAC Chair-Elect in the upcoming year and as SAC Chair the following year. Since this is a two-year commitment, the ideal applicants will be G1s or G2s during the 2017-2018 academic year, although G3s are welcome if they can make a two year commitment. Students do not have to have experience serving on SAC to apply. The SAC Chair-Elect position involves: 

  • Generating agenda items based on student-submitted topics with the SAC chair
  • Attending a SAC planning meeting with Melissa and Dr. Williams
  • Scribing during SAC meetings
  • Representing graduate-phase MSTP students on the VUMS Council of Class Officers  

This position is a ~2-3 hour/month time commitment. If you are interested in applying, please send a 1-2 sentence statement about why you are interested in the position to Melissa. These statements will be made available prior to the annual MSTP retreat and elections will be held at the retreat.