January 30, 2017

 matt dog 2.jpeg matt dog 3.jpeg

Matt Wleklinski (M2) recently adopted a dog, Leo! Leo is settling in nicely and rumor has it he likes to play, cuddle, and chew on things.


Jon and Molly.jpeg jon and molly 2.jpeg

Jon Knowlton (G3) and Molly met at Colgate University in the summer of 2010. They’ve been together for six years and this past November, the Monday before Thanksgiving, Jon proposed to Molly in their new home in Pittsburgh. She said yes and now they're planning their wedding for the spring of 2018.  Jon and Molly are so excited about their future together and can’t wait for what’s next!


HH 2.png HH 1.png

Over 20 MSTP students across all years gathered together at Sportsman's Grill for MSTP Social Hour on Friday, January 20. It was a great time of fun and fellowship for all!