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Restructuring of the MSTP Student Advisory Committee (SAC)

Ben Fensterheim (G3) and Alex Sundermann (G2)
November 29, 2016
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This month marked the first Vanderbilt MSTP Student Advisory Committee (SAC) in its new structure. Previously, SAC meetings functioned much like a lab meeting where the MSTP director solicited reports and initiated committees for new areas of work. While this format gave way to many great MSTP groups and activities, it was steered largely by the leadership team as opposed to the students. The SAC reboot is motivated by the desire to increase student-input concerning ways the MSTP can maximize training opportunities and address student needs. Now, with MSTP leadership team support, the SAC will be a student-run board for the MSTP whose mission is to resolve student-raised concerns, address questions important to our training, and continue to facilitate excellent programming. 

MSTP Leadership Workshop I a Big Success!

Shawn Barton (G2)
September 28, 2016
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The MSTP Leadership Workshop, held on Friday, September 23rd, was attended by over 30 current G1 and G2 students. This workshop is designed to provide formal training in leadership competencies that can be utilized during the graduate phase of MD/PhD training and beyond. 

Fresh-Faced MSTP Seminar

Lillian Juttukonda (G4)
September 21, 2016
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With the new school year and new, energetic MSTP leadership, the MSTP Seminar Committee is excited to incorporate some changes into MSTP Seminar. MSTP Seminar has always been about bringing the MSTP together once a week to discuss and learn about topics relevant for physician-scientist training. This year, MSTP Seminar includes a few new initiatives aimed to further enhance mentorship, training, and participation. The two biggest changes are the addition of Research-In-Progress Seminars and Associate College Advisors.