Chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr. Ronald D. Alvarez Offers Advice for Physician-Scientists

Our new chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr. Ronald D. Alvarez, has recently come to us from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  Dr. Alvarez has established a successful career as a physician-scientist in the field of gynecologic oncology and is considered a leading expert in gene therapy for ovarian cancer and DNA based vaccines for cervical cancer.  Within the first weeks of his arrival, Dr. Alvarez graciously took the time to sit down for an interview with MSTP student Alex Sundermann (G1) to discuss his career path, his goals for Vanderbilt's OB/GYN department, and advice for young physician-scientists.

Op-Ed: New Paradigms in Scientific Publishing

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My bench is filled with stacks of lab notebooks, but only a few pages will ever see the light of day.  Find any other lab and any other scientist and it’s the same story—countless experiments performed, only a fraction of which are shared.  But is there value hidden in these pages and if so, why doesn’t more of our research output come into the public sphere?

MSTP Leadership Workshop I a Big Success!

Shawn Barton (G2)
September 28, 2016
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The MSTP Leadership Workshop, held on Friday, September 23rd, was attended by over 30 current G1 and G2 students. This workshop is designed to provide formal training in leadership competencies that can be utilized during the graduate phase of MD/PhD training and beyond. 

Lunches with Leaders

We as aspiring physician-scientists are convinced we will be leaders. This may be true, and many of us may be recruited into a position where we will be charged with leading a large team. However, this does not guarantee that every trainee will succeed in this realm nor will they have adequate leadership training to feel confident in even pursing such a role. Graduate school is often dictated by self-directed completion of focused tasks, and often these tasks are initiated and completed by that individual alone.

Fresh-Faced MSTP Seminar

Lillian Juttukonda (G4)
September 21, 2016
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With the new school year and new, energetic MSTP leadership, the MSTP Seminar Committee is excited to incorporate some changes into MSTP Seminar. MSTP Seminar has always been about bringing the MSTP together once a week to discuss and learn about topics relevant for physician-scientist training. This year, MSTP Seminar includes a few new initiatives aimed to further enhance mentorship, training, and participation. The two biggest changes are the addition of Research-In-Progress Seminars and Associate College Advisors.

MSTPets: Part 3

Here’s an ode to our furry (or not so furry) friends who help us study for anatomy practicals, keep us company while we write our papers and thesis dissertations, and welcome us home after a long shift on surgery.

Takeaways from the 31st Annual National MD/PhD Student Conference

The 31st Annual National M.D./Ph.D. Student Meeting took place in Keystone, CO from July 15-17 and was hosted by the University of Colorado-Denver MSTP. This conference brings together students and invested faculty from across the country to not only talk about the cutting-edge science and medicine being practiced by current trainees, but also the aspects of training and current state of affairs for physician scientists-in training.