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2017 MSTP Retreat at Montgomery Bell State Park

Shawn Barton (G3)
July 25, 2017

The annual MSTP retreat was held on June 24th at Montgomery Bell State Park. The weekend was filled with scientific talks, a white coat ceremony for those starting their graduate phase of training, and the sorting the new M1 class into their respective advising colleges. New this year, however, was the addition of a central theme of student wellness for the retreat. The importance of student and physician wellness was addressed by this year’s keynote speaker, Dr. Ray Kotwicki, a psychiatrist affiliated with Emory University. 

Professor Katherine Hartmann at the 2017 Physician-Scientist Speaker Series

Danny Sack (M1)
May 30, 2017

Professor Katherine Hartmann at the 2017 Physician-Scientist Speaker Series When she returned to her lab at Johns Hopkins after a month-long clinical rotation during her MD-PhD training, Dr. Katherine Hartmann found a note explaining that her lab was closing and she had funding for three more weeks of work. From that chilling anecdote on, when Dr. Hartmann addressed a group of MSTP students on Thursday, May 4th for the 2017 Physician-Scientist Speaker Series, we were all ears.

Mental Health at Vanderbilt: Updates from the Chancellor’s Committee and the MSTP Wellness Committee

Lizzie Hale (M2), Katherine Konvinse (G2), and Tory Martucci (G1)
February 27, 2017

The rates of mental illness in medical professionals are significantly greater than those of the general population. Recent epidemiological studies suggest that this increased risk begins during medical school, with 27% of medical students having depression, 11% having suicidal ideation, and 40-80% having high levels of anxiety (JAMA 2016 & J Racial Ethn Health Disp 2015). In an effort to curb this trend, Vanderbilt has made continuous efforts to increase student well-being, including the Wellness Committee, the creation of the Advising Colleges, the implementation of a pass-fail curriculum, and the assignment of mentors to all students. 

Second Year MSTP Student Brad Reinfeld Joins Tumor Immunology Band - The CheckPoints

To remain engaged in science while completing my first year of medical school, I began to follow journals, prominent scientists, and science organizations on Twitter. Through Twitter, I was able to complement my lectures about autoimmune disease like Ankylosing Spondylitis  with the latest trials published using monoclonal antibodies against IL17a antibodies. When I changed my Twitter from following sports teams to science, I never predicted that it would allow me to have a once in a lifetime opportunity.