Welcome to OEIT

WhiteCoatWindow342noTxt.pngWe envision a vibrant healthcare learning system in which applied informatics and information technology unobtrusively support modular and personalized learning that is competency based, embedded in the workplace, and eventually linked to health outcomes of patients. To that end the OEIT works closely with faculty and students to design, integrate, implement, and research state of the art information technological platforms. These platforms underpin the various pedagogical approaches that meet each program's needs. Online learning and curriculum management systems, collaborative learning environments, and evaluation and reporting systems all serve the new competency-based and milestone demonstrable approaches in training.

This office works with School of Medicine leaders, course directors, teachers and students to plan and implement software and hardware solutions that meet the education mission.  In parallel, OEIT works with the Education Informatics Division of Vanderbilt University Medical Center and the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education to develop and integrate education informatics systems and to provide training and support for e-learning courses, e-Portfolios, and assessment tools.  The Office provides automatic triage of all Support Center inquiries to the appropriate informatics and technology personnel with tracking of the types of issues that arise and the timeliness of resolution of the problem.  Close contact with students has been crucial during the recent transition to the new medical student curriculum (Curriculum 2.0).  We established a Student Technology Committee that meets regularly with the Assistant Dean of Educational Informatics and Technology to address students’ needs.  The student leaders have assisted with such important tasks as communicating to colleagues, training classmates in how to use the technology, end-user satisfaction surveys, brainstorming system improvements, and negotiation of needed software and hardware.