Educator Development Program

  • 2016 Gerald S. Gotterer Health Professions Education Research Day (HPERD) - Educator Development Program (EDP) facilitators, peer reviewers, and consultants presented with certificates
  • Gerald S. Gotterer, MD, PhD, presents blue ribbon to Tamala Bradham and her team's project
  • Gerald S. Gotterer, MD, PhD, presents blue ribbon to Tamala Bradham and her team's project

The Educator Development Program (EDP) was established in 2008 and is composed of multiple programs to meet the educational skills development needs of educators across the continuum at VUSM and VUMC. The EDP team is led by Drs. Charlene Dewey and Julie Damp with administrative support from Mary Ann Nichols. EDP workshop facilitators and peer reviewers represent numerous departments across the medical center and the university. The EDC (Educator Development Core) is the committee that provides oversight for EDP program activities. This committee is comprised of leadership in OHSE, OCPD, EDP, and others. EDP programs over the last year have continued to expand their reach and included 37 CME activities. 

Specific programs included:

EDP Workshops (8 workshops with a total of 118 attendees representing 55 departments)

Workshops covered a variety of topics, including technology in medical education, qualitative research, and dealing with the difficult learner, among others. All workshops included faculty peer reviews for the workshop facilitators. There are nine workshops planned for July 2017-June 2018.

EDP Consults (19 consults completed, spanning 13 departments)

Consults provide requested medical education consultative services for trainees and faculty. EDP Consults range from 1-hour career mentoring to full day training programs and focus on training, prevention and remediation of teaching skills.

The Annual HPERD – Gerald S. Gotterer Health Professions Education Research Day

HPERD, December 2016, included 19 educational research posters from 15 different departments, as well as 90 in attendance at the keynote address given by Dean Kim Lomis. EDP Facilitators, peer reviewers, and ISC Directors completing all program requirements were recognized with certificates of achievement.

EDP Residents as Teachers and Leaders (RATL™, 2 training sessions and 2 departments)

RATL™ sessions are blended learning experiences with both web-based, self-directed learning content and hands-on workshops. Target audiences include medical students, residents, and faculty who are interested in developing educational skills in clinical teaching methods.

EDP Scholars Track (2016-2018): a cohort of 4 participants q2 years from four departments)

The EDP Scholars Track is a curriculum design and evaluation, project-based, career development program, which is currently in its 2nd cohort. Scholars attend monthly group cluster meetings for faculty development and bi-monthly mentor meetings for individual mentoring and assistance. The EDP Scholars program covers a two-year timeline.  Current scholars represent four different departments. They design, implement and evaluate curriculum-based research projects. Scholars also present scholarly work at local and national meetings and submit their results for publication.

The EDC Newsletter (12 monthly issues a year)

The EDC Newsletter communicates educational development opportunities, scholarship awards, and educational publications to our educator community at VUSM and VUMC. It also highlights VU educators in the monthly ‘Teacher Feature.’

EDC Culture of Feedback Project

The Culture of Feedback project is based on a needs assessment demonstrating room for improved faculty to learner feedback. The EDP Team is currently developing ongoing interactive, skills level directed content for an online course for faculty and trainees. 

Integrated Science Course (ISC) Director Training Program

The ISC director training program provides a blended learning program with seven online modules and ten workshops to enhance curriculum design and evaluation skills for course directors in the ISC phase of VUSM Curriculum 2.0.

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