2014 Gerald S. Gotterer Health Professions Education Day Poster Presentations

September 24, 2014
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Poster Session and categories:

Curriculum (Design and Implementation or Evaluation Research)

1.    Integrating the Neuroscience of Addiction into Undergraduate Medical Education - Meg Benningfield, MD; Ron Cowan, MD, PhD; Charlene Dewey, MD, MEd, FACP

2.     Developing a Clinical Neuroscience Curriculum for Psychiatry Residents - Jennifer Blackford, PhD; Terako Amison, MD; Sheryl Fleisch, MD; Stephan Heckers, MD; Ronald Cowan, MD, PhD 

3.     Cardiology Faculty Development: On Being an Effective Educator - Julie Damp, MD; Charlene M. Dewey, MD, MEd, FACP; Lisa Mendes, MD

4.     A Project-Based Curriculum for Statistical Collaboration - Mario Davidson, PhD; Charlene Dewey, MD, MEd, FACP; Amy Fleming, MD

5.     The Vanderbilt Program in Interprofessional Learning (VPIL): The development of a longitudinal learning environment where   medical, nursing, pharmacy and social work students learn and work together in clinical settings - Heather A Davidson, PhD; Bonnie M. Miller, MD; Linda D. Norman, DSN, RN, FAAN

6.     Accelerating Change in Medical Education - Sherine Gabriel, MD; Robert Nesse, MD; Lotte Dyrbye, MD; Darcy Reed, MD; Edwyn   Harrison, MD; Stephanie Starr, MD; Tom Viggiano, MD; Michele Halyard, MD; David Cook, MD; Alexandra Wolanskyj, MD; Tara Lang, MD; Andrea Leep Hunderfund, MD; Neena Natt, MD

7.     Creating a More Structured Pediatric Radiology Elective - Cody Penrod, MD; Eddie Hyatt, MD; Amy Fleming, MD; Sudha Singh, MD; Jayne Seekins, DO; Melissa Hilmes, MD

8.     Growing Community Engaged Researchers - Yvonne Joosten MPH; Tiffany Israel, MSSW; Velma Murry, PhD; Clare Sullivan, MSN; Pam Hull, PhD; David Schlundt, PhD; Neely Williams, MDiv; Barbara Clinton, MSW; Elizabeth Williams, PhD; Mike Hodge, MA; David Padgett, PhD; Consuelo Wilkins, MD, MSCI 

9.     Credentialing Faculty as Educators: Partnership Between a School of Medicine and College of Education- Luan Lawson, MD, MAEd; Leigh Patterson, MD, MAEd; Steve Schmidt, PhD; Elizabeth Baxley, MD; Herb Garrison, MD, MPH; Jason Higginson, MD;  Donna Lake, RN, PhD; Suzanne Lazorick, MD, MPH; Danielle Walsh, MD; Yancey Crawford, MPH  

10.   Preparing Medical and Nursing Graduates to Transition to Practice: Interprofessional Collaboration in Teaching Teamwork Competencies - Luan Lawson, MD, MAEd; Annette Peery, RN, MSN, EdD; Yancey Crawford, MPH; Donna Lake, RN, BSN, PhD; Laura Gantt, RN, PhD    

11.   Paths of Excellence: Areas of Scholarly Concentration - Erik Skye, MD; Brent Williams, MD; Patricia Mullan, PhD; Lauren Smith, MD; Sally Santen, MD, PhD; Rajesh Mangrulkar, MD

12.   Foundations of Medical Knowledge: A Horizontally and Vertically Integrated Pre-clerkship Curriculum- Cathleen C. Pettepher, PhD; James B. Atkinson, MD, PhD; Tyler Reimschisel, MD; Michael J. Fowler, MD; William B. Cutrer, MD, M; Jesse M. Ehrenfeld, MD, MPH; Jennifer K. Green, MD, MPH; Neil Osheroff, PhD

13.   Vanderbilt Emergency Medicine Medical Education Fellowship (VEMMEF): A Comprehensive and Innovative Curriculum Design - Camiron L. Pfennig-Bass, MD, MHPE

14.   Continuity Clinical Experience: Implementation of a Longitudinal Student Experience - Heather A. Ridinger, MD; Jennifer K. Green, MD, MPH; Morgan F. McDonald, MD; Jesse M. Ehrenfeld, MD, MPH; Carin D. McAbee; Martha Hutchinson; Kim Lomis, MD

Educational Research (Quantitative, Qualitative, Mixed)

15.   A checklist aids faculty to assess milestones in an “OSCE” video performance -  L. Jane Easdown MD, FRCPC, MHPE; Marsha Wakefield, MD, MHPE; Michael Sandison, MD; Matthew Shotwell, PhD

16.   Vanderbilt Landmark Articles Wiki: A Web-Based Guide to Primary Literature in Internal Medicine by Subspecialty - Dru Claar, MD; Dhyanesh Patel, MD; Wade Iams, MD; Thomas Atwater, MD; Olanrewaju Y. Jimoh, MD; Nyal Borges, MD; Kevin W. Byram, MD; Marat Fudim, MD; Susanna A. Richards; Justin Shuxteau; Erika K. Wallender; William F. Ergen, MD; Ilka Decker, MD; Oluchi Ukaegbu, MD; Ryan Brown, MD; Rishi Naik, MD; Sophia Yu, MD; Chris Cook; Scott Hagan, MD; Anna Fahy, MD; John A. McPherson, MD

17.   Med School 101: Using concept maps to quantify outcomes of a summer medical course for gifted high school students - Margot A. Lazow, BA; Kathleen C. Weber, MPH; Anna E. Garcia, BSPH; Ian M. McGuinness, BA; Katherine E. Guess, BA; Brian W. Heiniger, BS; David J. Dunn, PhD; Bonnie M. Miller, MD

18.   Arrested Development: Assessment of attrition from a faculty development program - Danielle Walsh, MD; Elizabeth Baxley, MD; Luan Lawson, MD, MAEd; Herb Garrison, MD, MPH; Jason Higginson, MD; Donna Lake RN, PhD; Suzanne Lazorick, MPH; Yancey Crawford, MPH

Educational Leadership and Administration

19.  “Try It, You’ll Like It”: Development of a Housestaff-Leadership Collaborative - Wade Iams, MD; Josh M. Heck, MD; Donald W. Brady, MD

20.   Medical Student Leadership - Erin McKean, MD, MBA; Eric Skye, MD; Tony Tsai, MBA; Sally Santen, MD, PhD; Rajesh Mangrulkar, MD

21.   Engaging Community Organizations in Interprofessional Education - Chanté M. Stubbs, MPH,CPH; Elisa C. Friedman, MS; Consuelo H. Wilkins, MD, MSCI

Learner Assessment

22.   Using a Mobile Web Application to Improve Feedback after Observed Medical Student Clinical Encounters - Anupam Kumar, MD; Jay Johnson; Yamel Hall; Tepparit Wiphatphumiprates; Toufeeq Ahmed , PhD, MS; Amy Fleming, MD

23.   Jump! Incorporating Clinical Decision Support Processes into a Third-year Medical Student OSCE - Jennifer Green, MD, MPH; William B. Cutrer, MD, MEd; Cathleen C. Pettepher, PhD; Michael Fowler, MD; Kim Lomis, MD

24.   Defining and Implementing Competency-based Milestones in UME - Kim Lomis, MD; Amy Fleming, MD; Toufeeq Ahmed, PhD, MS; Anderson Spickard III, MD, MS; Bonnie Miller, MD 

Advising and Mentoring

25.   Educator – Scholar – Leader: The Educator Scholars Track at Vanderbilt - Charlene Dewey, MD, MEd, FACP; Leora Horn, MD, MSc; Julie Damp, MD; Lindy Fenlason, MD, MPH; Meg Benningfield, MD; Susan Kroop, MD; Mary Ann Nichols: Bonnie Miller, MD

26.   Promoting Professionalism by Addressing Behaviors that Undermine a Culture of Safety - Lynn E. Webb, PhD; Roger R. Dmochowski, MD; William O. Cooper, MD, MPH