Announcing Important VUSM Organizational Changes

July 1, 2013
Posted in informatics, OHSE, OUME

Multiple educational innovations in UME, GME and CME have prompted VUSM to review how to most effectively support the evolving educational mission. The Office for Teaching and Learning in Medicine (OTLM) was established in 2006 to provide educational expertise, curriculum support and educator development programs for the School of Medicine. The faculty and staff of OTLM are an extremely talented and collaborative group of individuals who have made significant contributions toward building a strong educational support infrastructure at VUSM. However, changes in educational goals require changes in institutional structure so the decision was made to reorganize OTLM services, staff and programs to other administrative homes within the School of Medicine and to close the Office for Teaching and Learning in Medicine. Please note the following changes:

All of the educational support services for the undergraduate medical curriculum (MD Program) that have been housed in OTLM now fall under the leadership of Associate Dean Kimberly Lomis, as part of the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education. Regina Russell continues in her leadership role, as the Director of the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education.
A new Office of Educational Informatics and Technology (OEIT) has been created. Information technology staff members who have worked in OTLM are now a part of the OEIT, and they report directly to the new Assistant Dean for Educational Informatics and Technology, Anderson Spickard, III.
Programs and staff involved with both faculty/educator development and health professions research are now part of the Office of Health Sciences Education, reporting directly to Senior Associate Dean Bonnie Miller.

The same staff members you have worked with in OTLM in the past are still here, only their administrative “homes” have changed. Everyone is looking forward to continuing Vanderbilt's tradition of medical education excellence in this new administrative structure.