Dr. Anderson Spickard provides Keynote Address for MedBiquitous Annual Conference in Baltimore, MD – May 16, 2016

June 3, 2016

MedBiquitous Annual Conference – May 16-17, Baltimore Maryland: “Using Technology to Catalyze Quality Improvement Across the Continuum”

Plenary Session: IT infrastructure for Medical Education Transformation:

Presentation by Anderson Spickard, III, M.D., M.S., F.A.C.P.

Dr. Anderson Spickard, III an Assistant Dean of Education Design and Technology and Associate Professor of Medicine and Biomedical Informatics, provided the keynote address at the medical education and technology conference in Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Spickard spoke on behalf of the leadership team at Vanderbilt about the cutting-edge work by the School of Medicine and Curriculum 2.0.

The theme for the 2016 conference was Using Technology to Catalyze Quality Improvement Across the Continuum, where Dr. Anderson Spickard addressed IT infrastructure for Medical Education Transformation at Vanderbilt. His presentation focused on how the work of the Education Informatics team under the leadership of Toufeeq Ahmed, PhD and the Education Design and Technology team led to the essential IT support for the development and implementation of Curriculum C2.0. He also talked about the alignment of people, processes, and technology and how this collaboration facilitated the overall medical education transformation.

The conference highlighted some of the new trends in innovative technology by examining how digital technologies can promote continuous improvement and better outcomes across the continuum of health professions education.

The following topics were highlighted as they relate to the health professions:

Portfolios and other technology to support remediation and learner feedback
Mobile learning, assessment, and improvement
Virtual patients and simulation
Educational technology research
Analytics for connecting learning, performance, and patient outcomes
Data and content interchange
MedBiquitous standards implementation
Solutions for continuous improvement

Dr. Anderson Spickard credits his colleague Dr. Toufeeq Ahmed who has been instrumental to the development of the Medical Education IT infrastructure and transformation here at Vanderbilt.

Conference Workshops:

VSTAR Portfolio: Design and Implementation of Competency-based Assessment Dashboard
Toufeeq Ahmed, Jay Johnson, Amy Fleming, Kim Lomis, Anderson Spickard III
Vanderbilt University

Using Natural Language Processing to Make Content Recommendations and Identify Knowledge Gap
Pedro Teixeira1, Tao Le2, and Toufeeq Ahmed1
1Vanderbilt School of Medicine, 2USMLE-Rx

Question based learning with self-directed learning loops
Tao Le1, Toufeeq Ahmed2, John Collins1, Emma Underdown1
1USMLE-Rx, 2Vanderbilt University

Recent Publication:

Spickard III, Anderson, et al. "Changing Medical School IT to Support Medical Education Transformation." Teaching and learning in medicine 28.1 (2016): 80-87.