Vanderbilt School of Medicine represented at November, 2014 AAMC meeting in Chicago

November 20, 2014

The following posters or presentations were provided by Vanderbilt faculty at the AAMC November meeting:

- Students as Partners in the Assessment Process: A Key Step in Developing Lifelong Learners and in Facilitating Implementation of Competency-based Education Frameworks, Bonnie Miller, MD

- Dr. Miller also faciltated a presentation at the Generalists Meeting on Saturday, November 8, entitled: Accelerating Change in Medical Education: Four models aiming to create a Unified Healthcare Learning System.

- Moving Beyond Learner Mistreatment in Medical Education: Examining Influences on the Learning Climate and Guidance for Potential Solutions mistreatment and construct optimal learning environments, Donald Brady, MD

- Returns on the GME Investment: Perspectives on the Costs & Benefits of Resident Education, Donald Brady, MD

- Choosing Wisely and the Education of Residents in Appropriate Lab Utilization, Meghan E. Kapp, MD.

- Blending the Clerkship: Construction of an Online Modular Curriculum, Aidan Hoyal, MS, MA; Steve Weissenburger, MEd.; and Nicole McCoin, MD

- Implementing Health Information Technology for the Care of Diabetes Patients at a Medical Student-Run Free Clinic, Emily Zern; Travis Ladner; Alon Peltz, MD, MBA; India Reddy; Sandra Moutsios, MD; William Gregg, MD; Robert Miller, MD; Michael Fowler, MD

- Jump! Incorporating Clinical Decision Support Processes into a Third-year Medical Student OSCE,  William B. Cutrer, MD, M.Ed.; Jennifer Green, MD, MPH; Cathleen C. Pettepher, PhD.; Michael Fowler, MD; Kimberly Lomis, MD

- Foundations of the Profession: An Introduction to Medical School and Learning Communities, William B. Cutrer, MD, Med; Amy Fleming, MD; Michael Pilla, MD; Maya Neeley, MD; Lindy Fenlason, MD; Cami Pfennig, MD, MHPE; Bonnie Miller, MD

- MESA Award presented to Vanderbilt Team during AAMC Annual Meeting - Anupam Kumar MD (class of 2014), was awarded 2014 Outstanding Presentation Award for Undergraduate Medical Education (UME), for presentation Using a Mobile Web Application to Improve Feedback after Observed Medical Student Clinical Encounter during SGEA 2014 conference last spring, and MESA award announced/presented during  AAMC 2014 Annual meeting, SGEA business meeting session. Anupam Kumar MD was advised by faculty members, Toufeeq Ahmed, PhD and Amy Fleming, MD, and he worked on VSTAR Compass project during his 4th year.

- Foundations for Healthcare Delivery: Implementation of a Longitudinal Curriculum for Medical Students, H.A. Ridinger, MD; C. McAbee, M. Hutchinson, K. Lomis, MD; J. Green, MD, MPH; J. Ehrenfeld, MD, MPH