May 1, 2015


Lindy Fenlason, MD, MPH and KIm Lomis, MD


Julie Damp, MD, and Charlene Dewey, MD, M.Ed.


Lindy Fenlason, MD, MPH and Charlene Dewey, MD, M.Ed.

SGEA Vanderbilt Awards Winners - 2014 / 2015

Bonnie M. Miller, MD - Career Educator Award (2015)
Emily Castellanos, MD and Leora Horn, MD, M.Sc. for MESA - Outstanding Poster by a Trainee  (2014)
Anupam Kumar, MD - Outstanding Presentation for UME (2014)

Oral presentations:

- William B. Cutrer, Jennifer Green, Cathleen C. Pettepher, Michael Fowler, Kimberly Lomis.
"Jump! Incorporating Clinical Decision Support Processes into a Third-year Medical Student OSCE" SGEA (4/2015)

- William B. Cutrer, Lourdes Estrada, Bonnie Miller, Lillian Nanney, Neil Osheroff, Donald Moore. 
"Fostering the development of Master Adaptive Learners using a coached process overlaid onto 4th year medical student clinical rotations."  SGEA (4/2015)

- Ridinger, Heather A.; Davidson, Heather; Green, Jennifer K.; Theobald, Cecelia N.;  Ehrenfeld, Jesse; McAbee, Carin; Hutchinson, Martha; Miller, Bonnie.
"Teaching Interprofessional Student Teams about Systems of Care through CollaborativE Health Systems Assignments"    SGEA (4/2015)

 - Kim Lomis, Cathy Pettepher, Amy Fleming, Toufeeq Ahmed, Bonnie Miller
"Operationalizing Improvement: a Competency-driven Promotions Process" – SGEA (4/2015)

 - Kim Lomis, Toufeeq Ahmed, William Cutrer, Amy Fleming M, Anderson Spickard III M, and Bonnie  Miller
"Validating Competency-based Milestones in Undergraduate Medical Education"   SGEA (4/2015)

 - William H. Swiggart, Michael V. Williams, Betsy White Williams, Kenneth A. Walston, Charlene M. Dewey, Marine V. Ghulyan
“B29©: A 360° Assessment of a Physician’s Workplace Behavior”  SGEA (4/2015)

Poster Presentations:

 - Julie Damp, Charlene M. Dewey, and Lisa Mendes "Cardiology Faculty Development: On Being an Effective Clinical Teacher" SGEA (4/2015)


 - Lindy Fenlason, John B. Cleek, Mario Davidson, and Charlene M. Dewey "Rising Prevalence; Rising Need: The design of an innovative curriculum to prepare medical students to address obesity in their anticipated realm of practice"  SGEA (4/2015)


- Heather Davidson, Heather Ridinger, Jennifer Green, Alice Bernet, Samuel Younger, Cecelia Theobald, and Bonnie Miller
"Adding value to the clinical placement site: Implementation of quality improvement projects by interprofessional student teams" SGEA (4/2015)


Heather Davidson, PhD and Heather Ridinger, MD

- Heather Davidson, Bonnie Miller, Shannon Cole, and Nancy Lorenzi
"Factors that impact the success of interprofessional education in authentic, clinical learning environments" SGEA (4/2015)

Workshop Presentations:

- William B. Cutrer and John Luk. "Habits of Highly Successful Academicians: Making your Grandmother (and your Department Chair) Proud." SGEA (4/2015)

- William B. Cutrer and Larry D. Gruppen.  "Helping trainees address knowledge gaps by engaging in meaningful self-regulated learning". SGEA (4/2015)
- Kim Lomis, Uthman (UT Houston), Ryan (Virginia Commonwealth) and Esposito  (Florida International) -"Trust in Transitions: The AAMC Core EPA Pilot Project" SGEA (4/2015)