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Office of Health Sciences Education

HPERD Archive of Presenters


Oral Presentations

"iOperate: Using iPad Technology to Improve Microsurgical Training"
Paul W. Papillion, MD

"Improving the Internal Medicine Resident Subspecialty Clinic Experience"
Emily Castellanos, MD

"Improving the Education of Night Float Residents: One Podcast at a Time"
Thomas Ben Morrison, MD

Keynote Address

"The Big Questions: The Medical Education Research Agenda"
Bonnie Miller, MD


Oral Presentations

“Global Assessment of Anesthesia and Surgery Interns”
Kyla Terhune, MD

“Evaluating a Medical Student-Resident as Teacher and Leaders Research Program”
Yash Choksi, MD

“Animating Systems-Based Medicine: A Novel Interdisciplinary Animated Platform for Integration of the Core Competencies for Vanderbilt Medical Students”
Voranaddha Vacharathit, VMS3

“A Comparison of Two On-Line Learning Techniques for Faculty and Trainee Education on Medical Education”
Leora Horn, MD, MSc, FRCPC 

Keynote Address

“How Good Is Health Professions Education Research Anyway? An Evidence-Based Analysis”
David A. Cook, MD, MHPE


Oral Presenations

"Introducing the One-Minute Preceptor Model to Dermatology Clinic"
Amy Valet, MD

"Global Assessment: Putting it Together in a Simulated Environment"
Kyla Terhune, MD

"Utilization of a Modified Team-Based Learning Format in the Pediatric Residency Core Curriculum"
Tyler Reimschisel, MD

"Micro-Networks: A Novel Model to Promote Core Competency-Based Mentorship"
Felicitas Koller, MD and Jason Axt, MD

Keynote Address

“What Does it Take to Achieve Translational Science Goals in Health Professions Education Research?”
William C. McGaghie, PhD


Oral Presenations

"Development of Thoracic and Cardiac Tissue Simulators" 
Jonathan Nesbitt, MD

"Interprofessional Learning"
Linda Norman, PhD

"Validation of Interactive Teaching Methods Using Video-Otoscopy and Audience Response Systems"
John Seibert, MD

"Opportunities for Integrating LGBT Health at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine"
Kristen Eckstrand

Keynote Address

"Evidence of Teaching"
Chris A. Tanner, RN, PhD, FAAN


Oral Presentatations

"The Use of Learning Style Inventories to Assess How Successful Students Will Be in Their Academic Blocks during the Preclinical Years of Medical School"
Cathy Pettepher, PhD

"Simplified Observation Tool for Pediatric Residents in Continuity Clinic"
Joe Gigante, MD

"Learning Portfolio: Harnessing the EMR to Enhance Feedback and Tracking"
Josh Denny, MD

"Palliative Care Education During Medical School: A National Survey of Medical School Deans and Graduating Students"
Natalie Jacobowski, VMS IV

"From Music to Macromolecules: Using Rich Media/Podcast Lecture Recordings to Enhance the Preclinical Educational Experience"
Neil Osheroff, PhD

"Design of an Educationally Grounded Orientation for Surgical Interns"
Kyla Terhune, MD

Panel Discussion

"The Future of Medical Education Research"
Moderator: Judy Shea, PhD
Panel Members: Arna Banerjee, MD; Ellen Cosgrove, MD; Kim Lomis, MD; Lillian Nanney, PhD; John Penn, PhD; and Emil Petrusa, PhD

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