Maintenance of Certification

Help for physicians with MOC Part 2 and Part 4

VUMC was designated as an MOC portfolio sponsor by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) and helped Vanderbilt physicians with their requirements for MOC Part 2 and Part 4.

Part 2: Opportunities were made available for physicians who are certified by ABIM, ABP and ABA to receive part 2 for participating in CME activities that are certified for AMA PRA Category 1 credit.

  • Small (<30 people) regularly scheduled series which are primarily cased-based discussions were made eligible. Examples include MM&I, Case Conferences, etc. To become eligible for Part 2 credit, the activity director was required to attest that physicians participated in a meaningful way in open discussion and received feedback on implications of the discussion for practice.
  • Larger RSS such as Grand Rounds were made eligible for Part 2 credit by providing five self-assessment questions for participants. Participants must answer eighty per cent of the questions correctly.

Part 4, performance improvement projects: The MOC Portfolio Team worked with Vanderbilt physicians to facilitate receiving MOC Part 4 credit. Physicians will no longer create projects just to meet Part 4 credit. Instead, the goal of the MOC Portfolio Program recognizes work that is already being done in department, division, or organization-wide improvement initiatives. The primary requirements for receiving credit are:

  1. the project must have data collection x 3 (baseline and two improvement cycles); physicians are not required to collect data
  2. the project is typically at least six months in duration to permit data collection and analysis
  3. a physician must be meaningfully engaged in the project, e.g. must participate in analysis of data and must implement recommended changes in practice during the project
  4. a brief meeting with MOC Portfolio Program team is required to discuss potential MOC certification of improvement projects

For more information about Maintenance of Certification, please contact the Office for Continuous Professional Development.


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