VUMC Institutional Shared Resource Oversight Committee (ISROC)

Executive oversight of core facilities is accomplished through office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and the work of the Institutional Shared Resources Oversight Committee (ISROC). This committee reviews institutional status for eligible cores, provides a framework for institutional support of core facilities, and advises on membership for individual core advisory committees. The Oversight Committee also receives proposals for new core facilities, considers new or ongoing investment in existing cores, and receives reports from individual core advisory committees. Based on this review and in the context of the Medical Center’s strategic plan for the research enterprise, the ISROC makes recommendations for institutional support of core facilities to the Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs. In addition, the ISROC reviews proposals for Shared Instrumentation grants to be submitted by Vanderbilt investigators. To ensure that submitted proposals are unique and appropriately supported by the institution, the ISROC reviews proposed plans for resource sharing, arbitrates potentially overlapping submissions and makes recommendations for matching fund commitments. Members of the Institutional Shared Resources Oversight Committee are appointed by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Research.

The Oversight Committee is composed of:

  • 2 Core Directors
  • 4 Major users
  • 2 Department Chairs or designee
  • 2 Center Directors or designee
  • 2 new or junior faculty members

ex officio members:

  • Associate Vice Chancellors for Research – (Basic Science and Clinical-Translational Research)
  • Associate Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs
  • Director for Research Resources & Planning

Members generally serve two year terms. Meetings are held quarterly.

2015-2016 Current Members

Larry Marnett – Chair and Associate Vice Chancellor for Research (Ex officio)
Gordon Bernard – Associate Vice Chancellor for Research (Ex officio)
Charles Hong – Cardiovascular Medicine Division, Department of Medicine
Scott Hiebert – Department of Biochemistry
Ian Macara – Department of Cell and Developmental Biology
Ambra Pozzi – Nephrology & Hypertension Division, Department of Medicine
Roy Zent – Nephrology Division, Department Medicine
Jonathan Irish – Cancer Biology
Paige Vinson – Department of Biochemistry; Vanderbilt Institute of Chemical Biology
Sam Wells – Molecular Physiology & Biophysics; Cell Imaging Shared Resource
Ron Emeson – Department of Pharmacology; Vanderbilt Brain Institute
Susan Meyn – Office of Research (Ex officio)


Recent activities:​

  • ISROC quarterly meeting (Apr 1, 2014)
  • ISROC quarterly meeting (July 25, 2014)
  • ISROC quarterly meeting (April 1, 2015)

ISROC members:  Click here to download meeting materials (VUNet ID and Password required)

ISROC Guidelines

For more information, please contact Susan Meyn.