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Course Description: Homeostasis is the first “long block” (12 weeks) of the curriculum. In 2013-2014, the block was organized into four organ-based sections, consisting of the cardiovascular unit (4.5 weeks), the hematology/oncology (“blood”) unit (2 weeks), the renal unit (2 weeks), and the pulmonology unit (3 weeks). Weekly quizzes and essays are administered on VStar Learn that assess knowledge learned and discussed in the previous week. Thanksgiving and Winter breaks fall in the middle of the block, and there is one cumulative exam during the 13th week of the block. As the syllabus states, the course is designed to allow students to learn about normal anatomic, molecular, biochemical, and physiologic features of the cardiovascular, pulmonary, renal and blood systems. The course is designed to provide a framework that will allow an understanding of the pathology and pathophysiology of diseases that affect these homeostatic systems as well as their diagnosis and therapy.

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