Human Blueprint & Architecture (HBA)

Course Directors: (subject to change)

Course Description: HBA is an introductory 6 week block that aims to provide foundational knowledge for the medical curriculum. This will be students’ first exposure to the breadth of learning modalities utilized in Curriculum 2.0. Refer to the “Learning Modalities” tab of the Paddle for more advice on how to succeed in each one. The course covers the basics of biology and medicine at the tissue, cellular, and molecular levels. Introductory principles of anatomy and pharmacology are also introduced in this course. Much of the material (i.e. biochemistry, biology, genetics) will be familiar for students with an undergraduate background in biology. However, the course is taught at a pace that is accessible for students without science backgrounds as well. Quizzes and essays are administered each week in order to assess the material covered in the previous week.

Learning Modalities:

How to Succeed