Beer & Liquor


In Tennessee, beer can be sold at grocery stores and gas stations, but liquor and wine must be sold in separate stores. Some of the stores listed below will have a beer mart adjacent to the liquor place. In addition to these stores, you can get really good prices at Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Costco. Keep in mind that you cannot buy beer before noon on Sundays.

Frugal MacDoogal’s Beer Warehouse

Great selection, great prices, and Scottish charm that cannot be beat. An adjoining liquor store allows you to meet all your alcohol needs in one stop. For big parties, this is a good place to get kegs. While not right off-campus, it also isn’t too far, and the savings and variety make it worth the trip.

701 Division St

Harris Teeter, Kroger, Publix, Trader Joe’s, Etc.

Just about every grocery store carries a decent selection of beer (but remember, NOT wine or liquor—Tennessee may start carrying wine in grocery stores soon though so stay posted!). Prices are variable but pretty reasonable, and are generally correlated with the price of food at each store. As you might expect, Trader Joe’s sells unique and slightly upper-end beer at good prices, but doesn’t carry common varieties that you’ll find most other places. See above for store hours and locations.

Mapco Express

Good for the quick beer run. All your favorite American lagers at surprisingly good prices. And, yes, they do have 40s for those special occasions.

Hillsboro Village: 2115 21st Ave. S.

(615) 298-5875


Bud’s Discount Wine and Liquors

Ironically, a bit expensive, but very convenient for Green Hills Kroger shoppers.

Green Hills: 2139 Abbott Martin Rd.

(615) 292-7871

Grand Cru Wine and Spirits

Recently opened with a good wine selection. The owners know their liquor, especially wine, so ask if lost! They are very helpful.

West End: 3433 Murphy Rd.

(615) 627-3900

Midtown Wine & Spirits Superstore

A fairly new store with reasonable prices and a larger selection than most stores around West End. Church St. is just one block north of West End, so just go north on any avenue (24th -16th). It’s across from Play and Tribe.

1610 Church St.

Mister Whiskers Wines & Liquors

A large variety of wine and liquor at reasonable prices. Even some hard-to-find vintages. The sales staff says they will order whatever wine you want.

Belle Meade: 31 White Bridge Rd.

Village Wines

Very close to campus, offering a large selection of wine and adequate liquor options. A small store next door sells beer. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly if you’re looking for just the right bottle or wine. Beware of the costs though – this is not a discount store.

Hillsboro Village: 2006-B Belcourt Ave.

(615) 383-2102

West End Discount Liquors & Wines

One of the larger liquor stores within convenient distance, with very good prices. Located next to Apple Market just Northwest of campus.

West End: 2818 West End Ave.

The Wine Shoppe at Green Hills

This place comes recommended as a good wine store. Also a group of knowledgeable and friendly staff. And it’s conveniently located right next to Trader Joe’s.

Green Hills: 2109 Abbott Martin Road