Wireless Service

Nashville offers service with the major wireless companies, but keep reading to find out which ones work the best on campus! Most cell phone companies offer student discounts for signing with them, so make sure to ask them about this!


AT&T is NOT recommended due to bad reception in the med center. The tallest building downtown may be AT&T, but don’t let it fool you! You can get good service outside, but reception inside Light Hall and the hospitals is pretty weak or even absent. Reception is also spotty in some areas around the city.

4106 Hillsboro Pike

(615) 269-6563

231 16th Ave N

(615) 649-5717

2817 West End Ave

(615) 329-3005


The consensus among past classes is that Sprint offers the best deal and services: a 10% Vanderbilt discount when you show them your ID, a tower at the hospital such that reception is available even in the basement of MCN. Many people at Vandy use Sprint and are generally satisfied.

3754 Hillsboro Rd.

(615) 250-4727


Several VMS students use T-Mobile and have generally been satisfied. However, reception can be spotty.

4117 Hillsboro Rd.

(615) 386-2113

2014 West End Ave


VMS students are very satisfied with Verizon, which has reception almost everywhere and great service. Verizon also offers a 10% student discount with valid ID. It may be more expensive than other services if you just need one plan, but call to make sure. Great for family plans.

4044 Hillsboro Pike

(615) 385-1910