Eventually, all those Cokes, coffees, and candies you had while cramming will start to show (or hurt). Before that happens, check out one of the following dentists (all recommended by current or past students):

Ellen Shemancik

This dentist comes enthusiastically recommended by several VMS students and staff. Her office is near campus, her rates are reasonable, she does an excellent job, and she is a nice person. Try here first.

105 Kenner Avenue

James Crafton

Also highly recommended by VMS students. Dr. Crafton has a very nice office near the Green Hills mall, and the women who work there are extremely nice.

3829 Cleghorn Ave

Dentistry of Nashville

This place is literally within walking distance of campus. Dr. Fleming comes highly recommended and he accepts the supplemental Student Dental Insurance Plan!

2125 Blakemore Ave

Vanderbilt Orthodontics

This is a great place for any orthodontics needs. You get a student discount here, and the physicians are highly skilled.

1500 21st Ave. S.

(615) 343-0633

Lee Coulter

4809 Trousdale Drive

Joel Gluck (Orthodontist)

2002 Richard Jones Rd. #200

(615) 269-5903

Steven Hecklin

5606 Brookwood Place

(615) 356-7500

Oliver Stephen (Orthodontist)

121 21st Ave N Ste 200

(615) 321-4404

H. Larry Grissom

2300 21st Ave. South, Suite 104

(615) 383-5646

Karen Keenen

104 Kenner Ave. Suite 101

(615) 298-2040