Best Buy

A general electronics store, with good deals on stereos, CDs, computers, books, video games, and everything else under the sun. A good one-stop shopping place that’s pretty far away. Check on-line to figure out which store is closest to you.

Cool Springs: 1600 Galleria Blvd

Nashville: 6810 Charlotte Pike

H.H. Gregg

100 Oaks Mall: 523 Thompson Lane

Cool Springs: 1735 Galleria Blvd

Nicholson’s Stereo

Probably the best place in town for those who prefer high end stereo or TV equipment. Not recommended for the neophyte or those light in the wallet.

West End: 115 19th Ave. S

Radio Shack

It’s Radio Shack. You know what to expect.

Belle Meade: 73 White Bridge Road

55 E Thompson Ln

Green Hills: 4004 Hillsboro Road

West End Electronics Repair

Umm...the name says it all.

West End: 3404 West End Ave. Ste. 200