Food & Grocery

The most popular grocery store would probably be Kroger. If you plan on shopping there, you should definitely get the Kroger Plus card, which you can put on your key ring and use to get great discounts on everything in the store (in addition to discounts at some Kroger-sponsored events). Harris Teeter is the closest grocery store to campus, but some students find it to be a bit pricey, even with the VIC card. Whole Foods is located in Green Hills, with a great variety of organic, frozen, and prepared foods. However, it’s definitely the priciest store on the list! A great (and much cheaper) alternative to Whole Foods is Trader Joe’s, which those of you from the West Coast will be familiar with. Your best bet for the cheapest groceries is probably Walmart or, if you are the kind of person who likes to stock up, Sam’s or Costco. They’re a little more of a drive from campus, but if you have the time, the trip is worth it

Apna Bazaar

You will find only Indian groceries at this store. There is a great selection of frozen Indian dishes that are really well-priced.

3808 Nolensville Pike

(615) 333-0028

Corner Market

Corner Market offers many gourmet food items that can be hard to find in Nashville. It has a great deli with good cheeses, meats, pre-made salads, and incredible sandwiches. The produce is also high- quality. However, everything is VERY expensive. Still, it’s worth it if you’ve just got to have those sun-dried tomatoes or that smoked salmon.

Belle Meade/Bellevue: 6051 Highway 100

(615) 352-6772


See under “All Purpose Stores.”

West Nashville: 6670 Charlotte Pike

(615) 354-5100

Cool Springs: 98 Seaboard Lane

(615) 493-1003

Franklin Farmer’s Market

This market offers a great selection of fresh produce, dairy, eggs, meats, and organics. It even has live music and a kids’ garden. Summer Market runs from May through October and is open every Saturday from 8am -1pm and every Tuesday, starting in June, from 3:30-6pm. Winter Market runs November through April and is open on Saturdays from 9am-noon.

230 Franklin Rd

Good Life Health Foods

Very large, but expensive, selection.

Green Hills: 2000 Warfield Dr.

(615) 298-5050

Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter is a chain grocery store offering gourmet selections. Think of it as an upscale Kroger. It also offers its own discount card, the VIC card, which works similarly to the Kroger Plus card. Because of its convenient location at the corner of 21st and Blair (in the Hillsboro Village area, where many students live), many VMS students shop here instead of at Kroger. Be sure to check the Harris Teeter website for any coupons or promotions. Some tips from Lulu Wang, VMS II: Harris Teeter will double your manufacturer’s coupon for up to $1.98 off per item (so if you have a coupon for $0.50 off an item, they will take $1.00 off). In addition, Harris Teeter sometimes has triple coupon weeks, when they’ll triple any coupon you present for a total of $2.97 off per item.

Hillsboro: 2201 21st Ave. S.

(615) 269-7818

Belle Meade: 4416 Ridgefield Way

(615) 292-2497

6002 Hwy. 100

(615) 352-2567

Brentwood: 210 Franklin Rd.

(615) 373-0189

International Market & Restaurant

Conveniently located in the Belmont area, this is a Thai Restaurant with a small market shop inside. The selection is much more limited than K&S and the prices are a little higher, but it is the closest store selling authentic Asian groceries. If you want to pick up a good bottle of Hoisin sauce or rice crackers quickly without driving across town, this is probably your best bet.

2010 Belmont Blvd

(615- 297-4453)


Kroger is your best option when it comes to grocery shopping, and as a bonus, Kroger never closes. Personal checks and all major credit cards are accepted. Their produce section alone has more square footage than your apartment. Prices and selection are always excellent. It has a built-in coffee shop and pharmacy. To save money, buy Kroger brand products, and get the free Kroger Plus card.

2615 Franklin Rd

(615) 297-5517

Green Hills: 2131 Abbott Martin Rd

(615) 297-7531

Belle Meade: 4560 Harding Rd.

(615) 269-5649

Bellevue: 7087 Highway 70S

(615) 662-1330

K&S World Market

This is one of Nashville’s best kept secrets. Not only will you find excellent and diverse produce, but it’s also much cheaper than what you’ll get at Kroger and Harris Teeter. K&S is also the place for all international groceries - Asian, Mexican, Greek, you name it. It’s got a great bakery that comes as close as possible to an Asian bakery. It’s a little difficult to find, but just travel on White Bridge Rd. past Target, take a left on Charlotte Pike, and the plaza will be just past the first traffic light on Charlotte Pike. You will also find Nashville’s only two Vietnamese restaurants in this plaza.

5861 Charlotte Pike (Past Target, near the White Bridge Rd. and Charlotte Pike intersection)

(615) 354-1304

Nashville Farmer’s Market

The Farmer’s Market has expanded greatly over the past several years. It’s sort of a combination flea market, ethnic grocery, and local produce stand all in one. You can buy rugs, houseplants, exotic ingredients, and good, locally grown produce. The produce selection is best during the summer and fall. There are also many specialty food shops found in the main building and across the street, including a fish market, a store devoted to garlic, a Latin-American market, and several ethnic stores. It’s open every day from 8am-6pm.

900 Rosa Parks Blvd.

Patel Brothers

This is another great Indian grocery store. They carry fresh vegetables, frozen foods, many varieties of masalas and powders, flours, different types of rice, and cooking utensils.

4043 Nolensville Pike

Piggly Wiggly

Formerly Compton’s Foodland and Apple Market, this store has a Deli/Bakery. The selection is not as good as Kroger, and the prices are more expensive. That being said, Piggly Wiggly is definitely convenient for those late-night beer or caffeine runs. Check out the semi-boneless pickled pig’s feet and the potted-meat food products, if you’re up for it.

West End: 2900 West End Ave.

(615) 327-4187

The Produce Place

The Produce Place specializes in the freshest fruit and vegetables, most of which are organically grown. They are expanding to include natural foods. Check online for coupons or recipes. Accepts cash and check only.

4000 Murphy Rd., off West End


If you are from Florida or Georgia, you know that Publix has the best deli sandwiches around. A chain grocery store, Publix has a great selection of everything from fresh produce to cheese to ethnic foods. It’s a nicer version of Kroger but cheaper than Harris Teeter. Publix also has some wonderful cakes, so check them out.

Bellevue: 4324 Harding Pike

(615) 279-2038

7604 Hwy. 70S

(615) 646-1870

Brentwood: 101 Creekside Crossing

(615) 507-1505

Cool Springs: 8105 Moores Lane

(615) 221-9880

Sam’s Wholesale Club

See under “All Purpose Stores.”

Bellevue: 615 Old Hickory Blvd.


Hickory Hollow: 1300 Antioch Pike


Trader Joes

Trader Joes is relatively inexpensive and carries a Whole Foods-like selection of natural and ethnic foods. Their produce, especially, tends to be fresher and cheaper than any other store in town. They sell delicious breads, desserts, meats, and sauces. It comes highly recommended, so make sure to check it out if you’re from the Midwest and have never had the Trader Joes experience.

Green Hills: 3909 Hillsboro Pike

The Turnip Truck

This is an East Nashville neighborhood grocery that offers a small selection of all natural and organic groceries. They also hold a farmer’s market on Wednesdays during the summer.

970 Woodland Street

Vanderbilt Farmer’s Market

On Thursday afternoons from May through October, the Nashville Farmer’s Market sets up shop on Vanderbilt’s campus, just steps outside of Light Hall. From 3-6pm, a limited number of booths open up to sell fresh produce, eggs, and milk, as well as artesian breads and cheeses. This is an incredibly convenient and highly recommended way to purchase high-quality local products at affordable prices. Be prepared with cash if you’re only picking up a few items, because the booths that do take credit cards often have a $5 minimum.

Medical Center Plaza across from Langford Auditorium


See under “All Purpose Stores.”

7044 Charlotte Pike


4040 Nolensville Pike


Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods is a chain grocery store offering organically grown food products. In addition, Whole Foods offers pre-prepared meals and has great, unique salad bars for your eating pleasure. Plus, there’s a cafe in the store where you can go to have coffee, eat a meal, and/or study. There’s also Whole Body, a boutique store that includes clothing, cosmetics, body care, supplements, etc.

Green Hills: 4021 Hillsboro Pike

(615) 440-5100